Monday, May 4, 2009


by: Dianne Ozaeta - Advertising Officer AG&P

Selected AG&P Managers and Employees finish Scaffold train the Trainers Program

Sceening Procedure:Two (2) managers, nine (9) workers from RMD Scaffolding Section, eight (8) from various departments, such as QA/QC, OPC, PEM, Engineering, HSES, In-House, SSSD, and Cost Engineering, three (3) former riggers/scaffolding foremen, and four (4) from AG&PFI were chosen to undertake the Scaffolding course. Participants were screened based on interviews conducted by Marife H. Manongsong, Personnel Administration Manager, Years of Experience, age, education, and supervisor's rating were considered. Technical knowledge and comprehension were done by AVP-Quality Management Gregorio A. Coronel. The above were used as the basis to complete the twenty-six (26) participants that will teach and train the company's scaffolders on the proper scaffolding procedures.

Training Proper:

The 5-day training focused on the general standards on scaffolding practiced globally. It was further elaborated that Brittish, USA, Singapore, Japan, UAE, and UK standards serve as the structure of policies to be follwed to ensure quality of work, safety and adaptability to circumstance. Shortly after the opening program, an introduction to scaffolding was done. Various types of scaffolds, general safety requirements, and accepted international code were also discussed during the first training day.

Step-by-step assembly procedures and inspection of completes scaffolds were taught to the participants during the second day, and these procedures were demonstrated and applied the day after. The fourth day covered discussions on the following: Planning and Scaffold Job, Design of Scaffolds, Under Hung Scaffolds, Drawings, Material Calculations, and Calculation of Loading. Before the graduation ceremony, a run-through of the previous materials, applications and testing, and review of tests were accomplished to signify the concluding stages of the 5-days training.

According to Ben S. Aclan, who achieved the Top Post after garnering an average of 98% on hands-on and written exams during the training, the course emphasized three (3) significant principles of scaffolding; Frames, Caps locks, and Systems. These principles, along with other scaffolding procedures and safety guidelines, are contained in the Scaffold Training Institute Competent Person Learning Guide and in the visual presentation CD provided by the facilitator Mr. John Palmer, CSP, Director of Scaffold Training Institute based in Houston, Texas.

"The classroom lectures with visual presentations have definitely increased our knowledge and awareness in scaffolding procedures. These were further enhanced through hands-on demonstrations, of which our group's scaffolding erection, which was based from the OSHA style, was proven to be more effective." Mr. Aclan proudly shared. He said that the three stages; structure durability, speed in constructing firm and qualified structure, and OSHA regulated scaffold must be considered in determining the quality and safety of the erected scaffold.

Mr. John Palmer, CSP, Director of Scaffold Training Institute based in Houston Texas served as the facilitator of the training. He received a Barong Tagalog as a token of appreciation from AG&P during the commencement exercises.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

PIPE FITTING a life saver

78 students are expected to graduate on April 29, 2009 inside the two storey Pipe Fitting Halls of AGPFI in Bolo, Bauan, Batangas. Some of the successful fitters will be employed by AG&P, others will be invited to apply with AG&P Overseas Manpower Department for Kazakhstan, Russia, others may opt to apply in other preferred recruitment agencies and the rest will either venture to personal skills development businesses or put up his own work shop. However they feel worthy, these students have choices to make for their futures.

Across the miles we try to monitor each student as they walk through each new career paths. Every student has a tale to tell about his/her experiences after training with AGPFI and each story ends in a pause, a pause to continue...

The story about the life of Mr. Hernandez astounds me so much because he is a product of our school. I remember him saying;
"Mr. Ben, thank you for sending me to New Caledonia, (a city in France near the boundary of Australia)! I was able to buy this small parcel of land in a subdivision in Bauan, Batangas where I am now constructing a 10X7 square meters bungalow house for my inay (mother), sisters and brother. I owe this to AG&P Foundation, Inc. To my Inay (mother) I have this to express, 'never will you touch a single bottle in your entire life, never again inay'!" Metaphorical indeed but meaningful!

Hernandez graduated with honors in AG&PFI Pipe fitting school, class of November 2006. He was part of the first batch sponsored by philanthropists, Couple's for Christ, ABS-CBN Foundation, the Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Malampaya Foundation, Alay-Lakad foundation and some government offices like the Municipality of Bauan.

The Alay-Lakad Foundation of Bauan shouldered all expenses for Mr. Hernandez's training through the auspices of Mr. Romeo Dimaculangan and former ALAB President Floriano Abuzman. He came from the poorest of the poor family in Manghinao, Bauan in the province of Batangas. Hernandez used to be a boy-of-the-street, a 'PALABOY'. The family lives through by picking garbage and bottles then selling the scrap to junk shops where they meager for livelihood. Hernandez used to pick bottles everyday with his mother to sustain food, not enough to buy even a single shirt in a month, not even in a year.

What happened to Hernandez was God's way to touch the hearts of His created. There is always a choice and a chance. 45 days is all you need with AG&PFI to learn a new skill, Pipe fitting. Canada and Kazakhstan are now hiring. AG&P is inviting you to train or to apply for employment!

SEWING with mothers

"Peddle a spine of needle to cradle a toddler's fiddle in a spindle's kneed quibbles a sewer's single"

AG&PFI supports the community through the development of sewing courses with AG&P Cooperative and AGPFI training school for Arts and Sciences to form part of their livelihood program for 2009.

Opening the year with hopes and new identity, the Atlantic, Gulf & Pacific Company of Manila Inc. enhances AG&P Company of Manila Foundation Inc by introducing another community livelihood project in sewing and tailoring with AG&P Cooperative and CTMK.

Corazon T. Mendoza, owner, General Manager of CTMK in Manghinao, Bauan, Batangas donated nine (9) high speed, heavy-duty, Singer Sewing Machines for the program in support to the CSR of AGPFI with yearns of educating at least twenty-five (25) mothers to become professional sewers and dressmakers.

Just recently, The Department of Education (DepEd) of Bauan and the Alay-Lakad foundation Inc. (ALFI) signified full support to these and pledged financial, also material donations. The Department of Education confirmed sending teachers and staff to monitor the progress of each student armed with teaching methodologies and techniques in advanced sewing to form part of skills trainings in AGPFI technical school for Arts and Sciences.

Representing the Department of Education is Miss Erlinda Ilagan Masagcay, District Supervisor, for the Alay-Lakad Foundation is President Ramon Lagrana, a former municipal councilor of Bauan, Batangas and for AG&PFI is Marketing & Information Head, Ben S. Aclan. Together the 'tripreneurs' will ascertain to build a united foundation in the municipality of Bauan which shall be the axis of free enterprise to small producers. The market will be the industries that surround beneficiary sewers.

Each student shall be exposed to real-life consumer-to-producer-to-consumer drama, cutting edges to meet deadlines of quality, productions and quotas. The hands-on products will be sold to AG&P cooperative and vended to the buying public/corporate partners like Keppel Shipyard Philippines, Bobcock Hitachi, EEI, Petron, Pure Foods, BIPI, Malampaya, Pilipinas Shell Corp, Meralco, Caltex-Texaco, Seimens Philippines, First Gas Power Inc. and other neighboring businesses.

The technology shall be transferred to other willing and qualified trainees to support AG&P's objective of producing more career sustaining programs for the family members of AG&P employees, relatives and destitute members of the community. This shall form part of the AG&PFI's mission to become an important role player in the economic development of Bauan and the entire country.

The first batch of training for sewing and dress making is scheduled to start mid year. Waiting for formal approval from Mr. Ben S. Aclan, Marketing Head already started preparations inside the AG&P Technical schools for the up-coming Tripreneurs' summit on May 2009.

"Our communities are growing fast in number. We must cling to whatever opportunity these industries have to offer. Define, first and foremost, your priorities, develop your attitude towards flux then be first to receive them, being second is being last among two contending parties! …. Who? You against them!" Ben S. Aclan, AGPFI Marketing and Information Head, shares experience.


One Machine One Student Policy

Since the construction of the three storey technical school in Atlantic, Gulf & Pacific Company of Manila Foundation, Inc. summer of 2008, students have been coming individually to enroll in the 45 days Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW-NCII) courses. Non-Government institutions, even some local government offices and individuals have availed of welding edification programs for their scholars with AGPFI over other local training schools.

Ask why? Students who enrolled with AGPFI expect to surpass other 'SMAWers' in the region, get certified and win welding competitions. Renowned to have produced the best female welder in the Philippines, AG&P asserts its unique capability to harness skills of 'zero' knowledge, highschool graduate, 18 years olds to proficiency and TESDA competent welding 'gurus'.

The test in skills competency depends on TESDA and TUV assessments. AG&PFI employs two standards, the Singapore Welding Society (SWS) and the American Welding Society (AWS) standards, which make us one step better over other competitions. The need to become superior in this craft is essential since AG&P is virtually an international fabrication and heavy forming yard with world class clientele.

Pursuant to these standards AG&PFI constructed 400 welding machine booths in the three storey technical school to accommodate 400 students per shift. Two more welding Testing and academic schools are located inside the 68 hectare AG&P BHFY with no less than 300 more welding machines to handle specialized trainings in SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, FCAW, TIG, Pipe Structural welding and Submerge Arc Welding techniques. This makes AGPFI the largest and most advance welding technical school in CALABARZON and the Southern Tagalong regions.

The one machine-one student policy has been implemented to obtain the highest learning standard possible during the 45 days training. 30% class room lectures and 70% practical hands-on exercises.