Wednesday, March 25, 2009

PIPE FITTING a life saver

78 students are expected to graduate on April 29, 2009 inside the two storey Pipe Fitting Halls of AGPFI in Bolo, Bauan, Batangas. Some of the successful fitters will be employed by AG&P, others will be invited to apply with AG&P Overseas Manpower Department for Kazakhstan, Russia, others may opt to apply in other preferred recruitment agencies and the rest will either venture to personal skills development businesses or put up his own work shop. However they feel worthy, these students have choices to make for their futures.

Across the miles we try to monitor each student as they walk through each new career paths. Every student has a tale to tell about his/her experiences after training with AGPFI and each story ends in a pause, a pause to continue...

The story about the life of Mr. Hernandez astounds me so much because he is a product of our school. I remember him saying;
"Mr. Ben, thank you for sending me to New Caledonia, (a city in France near the boundary of Australia)! I was able to buy this small parcel of land in a subdivision in Bauan, Batangas where I am now constructing a 10X7 square meters bungalow house for my inay (mother), sisters and brother. I owe this to AG&P Foundation, Inc. To my Inay (mother) I have this to express, 'never will you touch a single bottle in your entire life, never again inay'!" Metaphorical indeed but meaningful!

Hernandez graduated with honors in AG&PFI Pipe fitting school, class of November 2006. He was part of the first batch sponsored by philanthropists, Couple's for Christ, ABS-CBN Foundation, the Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Malampaya Foundation, Alay-Lakad foundation and some government offices like the Municipality of Bauan.

The Alay-Lakad Foundation of Bauan shouldered all expenses for Mr. Hernandez's training through the auspices of Mr. Romeo Dimaculangan and former ALAB President Floriano Abuzman. He came from the poorest of the poor family in Manghinao, Bauan in the province of Batangas. Hernandez used to be a boy-of-the-street, a 'PALABOY'. The family lives through by picking garbage and bottles then selling the scrap to junk shops where they meager for livelihood. Hernandez used to pick bottles everyday with his mother to sustain food, not enough to buy even a single shirt in a month, not even in a year.

What happened to Hernandez was God's way to touch the hearts of His created. There is always a choice and a chance. 45 days is all you need with AG&PFI to learn a new skill, Pipe fitting. Canada and Kazakhstan are now hiring. AG&P is inviting you to train or to apply for employment!

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